Laser dentistry 

The laser is a revolutionary surgical tool that has been used in dentistry for over 25 years for various procedures. The safety and control that lasers provide allow dentists to perform precise procedures without worrying about damaging the tissue in your mouth. Lasers also seal off blood vessels and nerve endings and prevent bleeding inside the mouth, greatly reducing postoperative pain and swelling. 

How does my dentist use the laser?

Dental lasers perform a variety of operations, all of which have different techniques. Typically, your doctor will examine the tissue that surrounds your teeth. Using a laser, your dentist will gently reshape the soft tissue to give you the best aesthetic result. Laser are a gentle and noninvasive surgical tool which often require little or no anesthetic.

When will I need laser therapy?

Lasers can perform a variety of operations in dentistry, but they are not used for every procedure. Your dentist will determine what works best for you.